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NRI Properties and Divorce Matters

Best NRI Divorce Lawyer In India

The least complicated way for a couple to divorce is through mutual consent. Both of them agree to part ways; there is no fight; and the divorce is done. As per the new ruling, the mandatory 6-month waiting period for couples seeking divorce no longer apply. This has made the process of finalizing divorce easier and quicker.

If a Non-Resident Indian (NRI) couple wants a divorce, they can file a petition in India or in the country they reside. This option of filing for divorce in the residing country is applicable only when the divorce is through mutual consent. You will also concern to the Best NRI Divorce Lawyer In India, Because there are many lawyer for divorce but you will find NRI Divorce Lawyer who has an expertise in NRI Divorce.

If the divorce is not through mutual consent, then the petition has to be filed in India where the marriage took place. If you file a petition in a foreign country where you reside and get a divorce, which is not through mutual consent, then you will be regarded as divorced only in that foreign country; you would still be legally married in India.

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